Welcome to the Woodlands Federation

In January 2008 the Woodlands Federation was created by the federation of two schools: Broad Oak CPS and Punnetts Town CPS.

In September 2014 the Woodlands Federation was reconstituted and now consists of three schools: Broad Oak CPS, Punnetts Town CPS and Dallington CEP.

The Federation has one executive headteacher and governing body who work with dedicated, experienced staff who are committed to providing the very best education for the pupils in their care. The three schools are all very different but share the common belief that by working together we can maximise the learning opportunities that we can give to our pupils and staff and all involved with our schools are passionate about providing the very best primary education for all of our children.

In partnership, we learn and grow together.

Woodlands Federation

Broad Oak
Tel: 01435 862951

Punnetts Town
Tel: 01435 830361

Dallington CEP School
Tel: 01435 830335